How to Get Perfect Curls?

how to get perfect curls

One of the most asked questions is “how to get perfect curls?” or “how to make your curls stay for a long time?” So, there is not only a single factor that will give you the desired results. You need to understand your hair type and then choose equipment wisely. Women used to sit in front of the mirror and start primping hair that makes aches in their hands for getting curls. But after an hour or two, you will find that curls are dropping. So, what’s the solution? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Get the Perfect Curls Details

Why your curls won’t stay for a long time?

As discussed previously that there is no only a single reason for getting curls. There are many factors behind it. You might be looking for a perfect bounce in curls or might be looking for loose curls, but it’s not happening like that. Here we are going to discuss some important factors that are crucial for curls.

  • Hairs tend to go back to their original and natural shape. Therefore, if your hairs are straight naturally, you may feel a hard time getting curls.
  • One strange reason is that you may have healthy and clean hair. When outer layers of hair are smooth and strong then it is difficult to get proper curls. Therefore, if you are trying to make curls right after hair wash then you might face quick curls dropping.
  • Genetically, if your hairs are very fine then it will be tough for you to get curls for a long time. Similarly, long & thick hairs can’t bear the weight of curls and drop them quickly. For these types of hairs, we will recommend getting a haircut in layers to make them lighter for holding curls.

How to Achieve Perfect Curls Looks?

It might require a little patience if you are curling the hair that has no structure for holding curls. We are not talking about bad hair quality here. Healthy & smooth hairs also resist while getting curls and afterward also. But, the good news is that nothing is impossible. You have to follow the right way for getting perfect curls and hairstyles. Some important tips are given below:-

  • In the current era, we have many developed products that help a lot in getting curls. All you need is to understand the procedure. Therefore, prepare everything properly in case your hairs are not extra clean. Wash them with a dry shampoo to add volume. After that get some quality spray for curls enhancements.
  • Keep in mind that only choose quality products. Furthermore, also use heat protectants because for the sake of one night curls, don’t get your hair damaged. You need a perfect combination of shampoo, serums, heat protectants, and professional equipment. Moreover, don’t rely much on these products. Use occasionally.
  • Always use professional equipment with the correct barrel size. Don’t go for cheap curlers because they will not provide you perfect curls in the short term and hair texture in long term. Focus on barrel size as large barrels are used to create an accurate size but they can drop quickly. Whereas, small barrels will provide tight curls that drop late.
  • Don’t forget to clip your hair. They will help is getting quick curls and provide strength to curls from falling. Therefore, your curls will stay for a long time.
  • Wet, damp, or a little wet hair will not get curls. If anyhow you managed to get curls then that will not stay for a long time. Moreover, a humid room will not help you in getting curls.
  • Make sure that your curler is properly heated. Furthermore, the right temperature is also a crucial point for getting curls. Overheated curler could potentially damage your hair structure that will make your hair glistening than curly. Similarly, a low heated curler will also not provide proper curls.

Summing Up

We have provided you with premium tips that are being used by professional hairstylists. If you follow them properly then you will get perfect curls as you have seen in different brands advertisements. But if you didn’t get perfect curling results then you might have too damaged hairs or very healthy, smooth, and silky hairs naturally.

In case you have damaged hairs then you need to focus on their health before curling or straightening. A strong and regular hair therapy is advised here until you regain the hair health. Consult with local quality saloons or spa. Overheating and undereating could damage the hair texture. In contrast, if you have a naturally straight hair structure then we have already mentioned the procedure for curling.

Last but not the least, while using the best curling equipment, you have to be patient. Don’t speed up the procedure for getting fast results. Manage your time and give it a proper space otherwise you might end up with ruined hair and burnt figures.

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