Men’s Clipper – 1966 Blue

Pritech holds a complete series of grooming kits. PR-1966 is one of them, which contains full size trimmer, precision trimmer, micro shaver, nose trimmer, body trimmer and design trimmer.

It comes with a stand base and indicator light that help in its smooth functioning.  Full size trimmer defines hair around neckline evenly and precisely.

Precison trimmer defines both straight or curved lines and edges. Whereas, micro shaver produces fine and finished edges to ensure clean, close and smooth results.

Design trimmer provides all sorts of beard modelling and nose trimmer works safetly for maximum comfort.

Moreover, cordless operation, stainless steel blades, attachment combs and high efficiency battery provides you extra comfort while using this best grooming kit.

Key Features:

  • Full size trimmer
  • Presision trimmer
  • Micro shaver
  • Nose & body trimmer
  • Indicator light


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