Men’s Foil Shaver – 1546 Green

Foil shavers have already an advantage on traditional trimmers because of it’s smooth working and best results.

Pritech RSM-1546 is best for shaver for men in 2021 that is loaded with ultra-thin knife net that works very closely and produces fine results.

This best foil shaver is super easy to clean. It has individually floating double blade system that ensures high precision. Because they are capable of swaying left, right, up & down.

The blades adjust themselves to contour you face and that’s why they leave no empty area.

Strong motor and high speed power make shaving the best experience. Moreover, 8 hours of usage is enough for 15 days use.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin knife net
  • Double blade
  • Strong movement
  • High speed motor
  • 1000 MAH battery


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