Wax Warmer – 9950 White

Pritech LD-9950 is the professional wax warmer that is available in amazing features. The most prominent feature is that this machine warms the wax in the right way that will not damage your skin. It means that wax will work properly in the process of hair removal.

It has 2 temperature settings and steam holes. Furthermore, it is work lights and on/off switch. It works gently in wax warming. You can take a small amount of heated wax and apply on your wrist for temperature checking.

Afterwards, you can apply wax or change the temperature settings as per your needs. For scalding prevention, don’t touch the bottom or edges. You can enjoy the smooth and silky skin up to 6 weeks with this professional wax warmer.

Key Features:

  • Non-stick pot
  • Constant temperature
  • Steam holes
  • Working lights
  • 2 temperature settings


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