Wax Warmer – 9952 Black

Pritech LD-9952 is a professional and best wax warmer with strong & durable body. It warms the wax quickly instead of boiling it. In return, the wax gets heated properly and works smoothly on human skin and produces best results that last for 6 weeks.

It has a removable wax stainer and 2″ pot opening to accommodate most wax container. The pot is made of aluminium that warms the wax nicely and in the required temperature.

A red indicating light gets on when heated. Furthermore, you can adjust the heater setting up to your requirements. The feet are made of rubber that prevents it from slipping to keep you safe.


Key Features:

  • Perfect for salon
  • Fast heating
  • Constant temperature
  • Good for home use
  • Strong & durable body



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